Transitional Sober Living For Women

Located in Dallas, Texas

Transitional Sober Living For Women

Located in Dallas, Texas

Sober Living Environment

Windhaven House is not a traditional sober living. We are a transitional living environment, offering extended care services to women who want to sustain long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Family Program

Addiction affects the whole family, and changes the family dynamic. At Windhaven House, we strive to educate and bring healing to the recovering addict or alcoholic, as well as the members of her family.

Extended Care Services

Our extended care program gives women the opportunity to practice newly learned recovery techniques in a supportive environment. This means they have time to truly begin living differently.

Choosing a Sober Living: Connecting to the Right Level of Care

At Windhaven House, we offer the highest level of care to women who need comprehensive support and structure in the first few months of sobriety. Our admissions staff work tirelessly not only to make sure each woman is a good fit for our program but also to educate our clients and their families about the differing levels of care available throughout the various sober living facilities. Our team is focused on helping women build a foundation for sobriety, have a sense of community, learn life skills, and help nurture growth and development in addiction recovery. Ultimately, we help them to become the women that they were created to be.

Windhaven House, Dual Diagnosis, Chronic Relapse, Failure to Launch

Transitional Sober Living for Women in Dallas at Windhaven House

Windhaven House is a transitional sober living program for women who desire comprehensive recovery support after primary treatment. Our beautiful house provides the best place to continue your personal growth and work towards independence.

Care after treatment is critical for chronic relapsers and those who fail to start sobriety. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for substance abuse is one of the top drug and alcohol recovery programs in Dallas, helping women successfully achieve and maintain quality sobriety.

Windhaven House - Dallas Sober Living for Women - Extended Care Services - Extended Care Program - Best Sober Living in Dallas for Women - 12 step immersion - fun in sobriety - transitional sober living dallas texasTestimonials From Windhaven Residents

  • As I transitioned out of a residential treatment center, the lack of women’s sober livings was incredibly disappointing and frustrating. However, I got lucky and a counselor suggested Windhaven House in Dallas. Before Windhaven, I was broken, isolated, and emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally bankrupt. To put it lightly, my relationships were struggling, I was unemployable, unreliable, on the brink of being thrown in jail, and had lost sight of who I really was. I showed up to Windhaven expecting only to stay for 90 days and then head back home. I didn’t want to be sober, and I didn’t want to stay in Dallas. I didn’t want a community, and I definitely didn’t want a relationship with God. After only 90 days, everything in my life had changed. My relationships were improving; I had found a new purpose; I had found community, love and support, and I found a loving relationship with God as I understood him. Although I was resistant to the God idea, Windhaven and the 12 steps offered me a new, brighter way of living. I received a life that I cannot believe. Since getting sober, I became a certified Yoga Instructor, am getting my Masters in Counseling, and get the opportunity to work with women and help them in their road to recovery through the 12 steps and cultivating a relationship with God. Windhaven created the environment and the foundation upon which I was able to learn how to live a successful, productive, and purposeful life filled with hope, faith, and a lot of love. I will never be able to thank Windhaven and the staff enough. This place truly saved my life, and I will be forever grateful.

    Kiki L.
    Former Resident
  • In January of 2014 I was in inpatient treatment for the fifth time. I had lost all hope after countless attempts at recovery and was pretty much out of options. Some dear friends of mine knew about Windhaven and after yet another relapse, I got on a plane to Dallas and was here within twenty-four hours. I have been to many different sober living programs and houses but Windhaven was like nothing I had ever experienced before. The entire community immediately welcomed me with open arms and both residents and staff helped me get acclimated to living life again. Windhaven offers awesome individual and group therapy and helped me not only with addiction and alcoholism but also helped me deal with other issues I struggled with. They encourage women to seek spirituality and build healthy relationships with others. The structure and accountability at Windhaven was definitely what I needed for the first few months of my sobriety. I still have the same job I got when I first moved to Windhaven, have made meaningful friendships and relationships that I know will last a lifetime, and most importantly I’m sober, happy, and I have gotten to know myself and figure out who I am. I am so grateful for the opportunity to live at Windhaven and graduate the program!

    Margaret C.

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