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Transitional Sober Living for Women in Dallas

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Windhaven House is a Transitional Sober Living Program for Women Who Desire Comprehensive Recovery Support After Primary Treatment.

Our beautiful house provides the best place to continue your personal growth and work toward independence.

The staff at Windhaven House are dedicated to this vision for each individual woman by affording her a nurturing and compassionate transitional sober living community based on honesty, accountability, responsibility, and the principles of the 12 steps. Our team is focused on helping young women build a foundation of sobriety, have a sense of community, teach life skills, to help nurture growth and development in addiction recovery and to ultimately become the women that they were created to be.

Windhaven House provides the highest level of care and accountability available for long-term extended care/sober living. We offer a fully immersive and dynamic addiction and dual diagnosis program that seeks to meet each client where they are. We focus on reintegration and life skills development. At Windhaven House, we introduce our residents into a vibrant recovery community here in Dallas.

Addiction is a disease where we tend to isolate, which is why we have built a program centered on community. Residents learn effective coping skills, how to form and maintain healthy relationships, and the benefits of setting healthy boundaries within the house.

Let us help you develop the knowledge and skills to achieve your dreams and thrive in a life of long-term recovery.

Program Tenets

  • 24/7 STAFF – Our house has staff on the premises every day
  • INDIVIDUAL CASE MANAGEMENT – Each resident receives individualized care
  • INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT PROGRAM – All counseling is done through Origins Counseling Dallas
  • FAMILY PROGRAM – We work with families! Family therapy is offered through Origins Counseling Dallas and family education programs are offered quarterly
  • TWELVE STEP IMMERSION – Every resident is required to attend AA/CA/DAA, get a sponsor, and work the 12 steps
  • LIFE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT – Residents work on interpersonal skills, budgeting, and interview skills
  • EMPLOYMENT & EDUCATION ASSISTANCE – Every resident must work or go to school
Windhaven House - Dallas Sober Living for Women - Extended Care Services - Extended Care Program - Best Sober Living in Dallas for Women - 12 step immersion - fun in sobriety - transitional sober living dallas texasContact us for more information about how Windhaven House transitional sober living program can help you achieve and maintain lasting sobriety. Call 866-856-0801 or send us a message now.

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