Benefits of Sober Living

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Once you have completed residential treatment, you typically have a couple of options.

One is to return to your previous living environment, and the other is to choose to stay in an extended care setting like a sober living home. While both choices will have some advantages, the benefits of sober living typically far outweigh the other option, for many reasons. Advantages of sober living include structure and consistency, a healthy environment, constant support, community, and the opportunity to give back .

Research shows that appropriate aftercare following primary treatment for substance abuse greatly increases a client’s chance of achieving long-term sobriety. While inpatient treatment allowed you to become physically free of the substances you had been abusing, and counseling has helped you begin to learn about yourself, there is still some work to be done. You may be enrolled in an outpatient program to continue the work you began while in treatment. Sober living homes provide a safe space, surrounded by other individuals who are on their own journey to recovery, while you continue building your foundation for lasting sobriety.

What It’s Like

Sober living homes typically have a strict set of house rules and guidelines that are enforced. While you may not like the rigid regulations, they are put in place not only for your protection, but ultimately, for your success. Sober living homes need to be kept drug and alcohol free in order for residents to be successful in their sobriety. Most houses have curfew, house meetings, chores, 12-step meetings, and other methods of holding house members accountable. This structure is important for individuals who are transitioning back into daily living after residential treatment. Learning to live a new life of sobriety isn’t easy, but with the right support, you can re-create your life.

Unique Understanding

One of greatest things about choosing to live in a sober living environment is the understanding you find there. There is no need to desperately try to get someone to understand where your feelings are coming from. They get it. They’ve been there. They are on the same road as you. This kind of understanding and support is unique to sober living situations. Not only can you be helped, but you can be the help and support someone else needs in their recovery.

Decisions and Success

Deciding to get help for an addiction isn’t something that ever comes easy to a person. Making the arrangements for treatment, getting there, deciding to actually go through with it, and then finally completing it are all major steps in finding your lasting sobriety. Sober living and extended care services can help make all of those efforts more successful. You can find freedom and recovery.

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