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(Dallas, TX) – Origins Behavioral HealthCare is pleased to announce a partnership with Windhaven House and Windhaven Counseling Center, providers of transitional living, extended care services and intensive outpatient programming (IOP) for women based in Dallas, TX, according to Jim Caldwell, President and CEO of Origins Behavioral HealthCare. “This partnership underscores our focus on continuing...
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Sarah Jones Program Director Windhaven House Dallas Sober Living Program
Here at Windhaven we’re blessed to have the greatest Program Director ever. That’s right, the greatest. Sarah started off at Windhaven as a resident. Fresh off the streets of Seattle, Washington, Sarah came in with her head hung low, broken and discouraged from relapse after relapse. Her step one experience was heavy and would set...
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portrait of young woman - challenges women face in recovery
Men and women are inherently different. The two sexes are physically, biologically, and psychologically distinct in many ways. While some people question just how diverse men and women really are, one thing is certain: men and women have many very different life experiences. From high school prom to getting married, and raising children to the...
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woman with suitcase waiting in lobby
Once you have completed residential treatment, you typically have a couple of options. One is to return to your previous living environment, and the other is to choose to stay in an extended care setting like a sober living home. While both choices will have some advantages, the benefits of sober living typically far outweigh...
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woman drinking hot chocolate in a cozy sweater
What If I told you that people do not relapse because of the holiday season? For some, that’s a hard pill to swallow, because so many of us have been told this very lie. It is a lie that comes from well-meaning folks, but has ultimately caused more confusion, rather than any actually helping. The...
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