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Mental Health
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It’s normal to feel guilty after doing something wrong, but what about feeling guilty for simply being who you are? Toxic shame is a type of guilt that goes beyond typical feelings of regret or remorse. Instead, it’s a deeply-rooted belief that you are inherently bad or defective as a person. This type of guilt...
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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by stress and anxiety? It can be challenging to manage these feelings on your own, especially if you are struggling with a substance use disorder. In this blog post, we will discuss coping skills that can help you deal with anxiety and stress in a healthy way. These skills can...
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Nutrition and addiction recovery are strongly correlated, and addressing any gaps in nutrition is vital to the recovery process. Alcohol and drug addiction can be extremely harmful to an individual’s health. For example, those suffering from substance use disorders are more likely to consume alcohol or drugs regularly and less likely to maintain other health...
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There are several reasons people may resist going to treatment, including the fear that life will be dull and boring without drugs and alcohol. Fun is a cornerstone of happiness and having fun in recovery is essential to long-term success. Though it might not come naturally to you at first, eventually, you’ll begin finding pleasure and...
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Four Simple Steps for a Healthier You in Recovery
Healthy lifestyle changes are integral to a successful recovery from a substance use disorder. Consistent effort is needed to achieve significant changes such as taking regular exercise, creating a strong sober network, and eating a healthy diet. However, these lifestyle changes primarily consist of several modest changes, some of which are easy to implement right...
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On Valentine’s Day, we think of love. Visions of glittering cards and red roses frequently come to mind. These thoughts can be an unpleasant experience for those without significant others. Today, let’s talk about loving yourself — the most important person you should be loving.  People with Addiction and Mental Health Issues Know About Insecurity...
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Staying Sober in Good and Bad Times
It is not easy to achieve sobriety, and it is even easier to rest on your laurels and allow yourself to be swept away in resentment, anxiety, or trying situations. A sober lifestyle does not free you from challenges. Peace and serenity are something that you must consciously work at every day. Despite obstacles, you...
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Getting in Touch with Your Emotions, Windhaven House Dallas, Texas
Many people tend to suppress their emotions. They think that if they can separate themselves as best as possible from what they feel, then a difficult situation will not negatively impact them. This approach, however, can be harmful. To recognize, accept, and express your feelings, you need to be able to understand them. Recognize Your...
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