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Practicing Recovery
On Valentine’s Day, we think of love. Visions of glittering cards and red roses frequently come to mind. These thoughts can be an unpleasant experience for those without significant others. Today, let’s talk about loving yourself — the most important person you should be loving.  People with Addiction and Mental Health Issues Know About Insecurity...
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Staying Sober in Good and Bad Times
It is not easy to achieve sobriety, and it is even easier to rest on your laurels and allow yourself to be swept away in resentment, anxiety, or trying situations. A sober lifestyle does not free you from challenges. Peace and serenity are something that you must consciously work at every day. Despite obstacles, you...
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Getting in Touch with Your Emotions, Windhaven House Dallas, Texas
Many people tend to suppress their emotions. They think that if they can separate themselves as best as possible from what they feel, then a difficult situation will not negatively impact them. This approach, however, can be harmful. To recognize, accept, and express your feelings, you need to be able to understand them. Recognize Your...
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Tips for Healthy, Sober Living
After leaving a residential program, you may find yourself wondering how to stay sober. One way to avoid relapsing after a program ends is to remain focused on the ongoing recovery work needed to maintain sobriety. The strategies you learned in treatment can be supplemented by fresh ideas to help keep you from using again....
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For those with a substance use disorder (SUD), building a life outside of treatment begins with creating a positive environment. People who are beginning their recovery journey might face challenges and obstacles along the way. However, learning to think positive can benefit you far beyond just your recovery. Positive thinking, simply put, is the practice...
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Windhaven House - dallas sober living for women - extended care program - sober living homes
For ten years, I had jumped from job to job, relationship to relationship, and city to city, in hopes of escaping addiction. Instead, I managed to rack up three felony DWI charges, an unreliable resume, and wreckage in every relationship I had in the town that I lived in. I was out of ideas. I...
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woman with suitcase waiting in lobby
Once you have completed residential treatment, you typically have a couple of options. One is to return to your previous living environment, and the other is to choose to stay in an extended care setting like a sober living home. While both choices will have some advantages, the benefits of sober living typically far outweigh...
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woman drinking hot chocolate in a cozy sweater
What If I told you that people do not relapse because of the holiday season? For some, that’s a hard pill to swallow, because so many of us have been told this very lie. It is a lie that comes from well-meaning folks, but has ultimately caused more confusion, rather than any actually helping. The...
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