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Woman hugging self
Recovery is a journey that requires us to navigate through various emotions, including guilt and shame. These emotions can be overwhelming and hinder our progress toward sobriety. However, one powerful tool that can help us move forward is self-forgiveness. Self-forgiveness is a process that allows us to acknowledge our mistakes, take responsibility for our actions,...
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donuts on a plate
Almost every event is celebrated with a sugary treat — birthdays, Halloween, the holidays, and Thanksgiving are all marked by the consumption of sugar. But is this readily available and omnipresent food wreaking havoc on our bodies and minds? Let’s dive into some of the side effects of sweets and how sugar can affect addiction...
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Woman holding her hand out depicting stop.
Addiction recovery is a journey that requires a lot of dedication and hard work. An important aspect of maintaining life-long addiction recovery is knowing how to set healthy boundaries. Boundaries are limits that we set for ourselves and others to protect our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. In recovery, setting healthy boundaries can help you...
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Group of women sitting at table talking over coffee
By: Casey Mckeown, Alumni Care Coordinator  While in sober living, our most authentic connections can happen at night as we review our day with our roommates and chat about our life experiences. In that present moment, we share vulnerable and honest conversations with one another. As a result, true authentic experiences are shared, and real...
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Woman with arms outstretched on top of mountain
By: Casey Mckeown, Alumni Care Coordinator  The definition of humility is “a modest or low view of one’s importance.” In my own experience, this means I see the truth of what is going on and realize that I am a human with a “me” problem. Unfortunately, with Alcoholism centering in my mind, I can’t always...
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Woman refusing drink from man
Staying sober when your friends are drinking can be difficult when you’re in recovery from a substance use disorder, especially early on. One of the most challenging things is relearning how to socialize without using alcohol. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips for staying on track with your recovery goals when your...
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2 women talking
In order to repair relationships in recovery you may first need to deal with common aspect of the recovery process and confront your feelings of shame from the past. Guilt can be particularly overwhelming when they consider how their substance use disorder or other addiction has affected their relationship with loved ones.  It may seem...
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Woman journaling to reduce holiday stress
Despite the joys of the holiday season, some people find it difficult to enjoy it. Getting together with friends and family often leaves us nostalgic for what we don’t have or wish we had, and family dynamics can add tension and conflict to the mix. While the holiday season can be a difficult time for...
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Two women in recovery who have a healthy relationship.
After you have obtained sobriety, building healthy relationships may be one of the next goals you have on your recovery journey. Understanding healthy intimacy with others is essential, as well as knowing how you can reclaim connection, trust, and build healthy relationships during recovery. Why Are Healthy Relationships Important in Recovery? Developing interpersonal intimacy is...
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Two women outdoors enjoying coffee.
Coping skills are behavioral patterns that enable you to be less reactive to inevitable environmental stressors and more adept at navigating the ups and downs of day-to-day life. Unfortunately, addiction often robs us of healthy coping mechanisms, and one of the most important aspects of recovery is learning new, effective, and sustainable modes of coping. ...
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