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Women and Recovery
Delays in getting a diagnosis perpetuate substance use disorders for women, and they can come for many different reasons. The barriers may include financial instability, a lack of family support, unresolved trauma, and many other factors. Today, let’s talk about five primary reasons women are not diagnosed with substance use disorders earlier and how to...
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Recognizing codependency has been a problematic part of your life is important, but recognition without action won’t free you from the cycle of codependency with a loved one. Right now, while the person you care about is in transitional living and you’re considering what comes next, it may be a helpful time to examine what...
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Addiction is a disease that affects everyone in your family. When women enter early recovery from addiction, they require a network of support to navigate treatment. Regardless of the elements that brought your mother, daughter, sister, wife, or partner to her addiction, it will take the participation of your entire family to recover from it....
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portrait of young woman - challenges women face in recovery
Men and women are inherently different. The two sexes are physically, biologically, and psychologically distinct in many ways. While some people question just how diverse men and women really are, one thing is certain: men and women have many very different life experiences. From high school prom to getting married, and raising children to the...
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