Dreams Turned into Reality

Windhaven Alumna Testimonial, Katie M.

After treatment, I decided to go to Windhaven House solely because my parents had kicked me out, and I had nowhere to go.

I was out of options and was pretty sure that sobriety wasn’t for me.

I had already been to multiple treatments, psychiatric wards, and sober houses. I had overdosed multiple times. Since I couldn’t stay sober, my psychiatrist from back home told me that she could no longer help me.

I was convinced I was a hopeless case.

I had dropped out of college multiple times and could not hold a job for longer than a week. I thought I could never become a functioning member of society. Being from out of state, I felt alone, angry, miserable, and terrified. I was a difficult and angry patient at the start; however, the staff and girls at Windhaven house met me with kindness and support.

Somewhere along the line, I noticed a change in myself.

I no longer woke up debating if I should use and I felt fulfilled for the first time in my life. The accountability, structure, and support were something I desperately needed.

While at Windhaven, my life didn’t stop.

I got the news that friends from back home had passed away, a family member was sick, all while I was dealing with past trauma. However, because of the staff, I was able to grow from these events instead of letting them destroy me.

I was shown how to stay sober regardless of external circumstances. I finally felt connected and whole.

At the start of my stay, I was worried about not knowing anyone in the state and being alone. The staff helped me build an amazing sober community with women that I would trust with my life. I initially had plans to move back, but I decided to permanently move to Dallas, TX, because of my experience and the community that I had built. I went back to school, attained my EMT license, and am now trying to become a physician’s assistant.

I am happy to say that I am now a staff member at Windhaven. The life of my dreams became a reality, and for that, I am beyond grateful.

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