Extended Care Services

The Windhaven House Difference

Windhaven House is Rooted in the Philosophy that TIME is Our Friend.

We believe that women not only need support, but also time to begin living differently.

With our extended care program, clients can begin practicing what they have learned in treatment, as well as implementing the 12-step principles in their daily lives, all within a supportive environment. Many of our residents have attempted to achieve and maintain sobriety several times, without success. After attending multiple treatment centers and as many traditional sober living homes, they were unable to find the lasting sobriety they hoped for.

Here at Windhaven House, We Walk with Our Residents Every Step of the Way.

We hold them accountable for their actions or inactions and help them to take corrective measures. We understand the need for patience, as the disease of addiction is also very patient. At Windhaven, we formulate a recovery plan with each resident individually, where we look at family systems, underlying trauma, relapse history, and current relationships. All underlying issues are addressed with our highly trained clinicians during our Intensive Outpatient Program. Here they will see a counselor once a week, and attend IOP three times per week. Additionally, we have two Windhaven House specific groups, where housemates are encouraged to hold their peers accountable.

Once residents have completed IOP, they will still see a counselor and go to the two Windhaven House groups each week. As they progress through Windhaven Program’s addiction recovery phase system and show consistency in the daily disciplines of the program, restrictions will be lessened; higher level residents are held to a higher standard. Throughout the extended care program, our clients are closely monitored and benefit from a structured environment. Residents will seek employment or go to school, and will be immersed in the recovery community where they can begin learning to be of service to others.

This is Where We Start to See the Program Working in their Lives, Rather than Just Checking Things Off a List.

We start to see the personality changes and we begin to see a new woman emerge.

Windhaven House - Dallas Sober Living for Women - Extended Care Services - Extended Care Program - Best Sober Living in Dallas for Women - 12 step immersion - fun in sobriety - transitional sober living dallas texasContact us for more information about Windhaven House’s unique extended care program and learn how we can help you find lasting sobriety. Call 866-856-0801 or send us a message now.

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