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By: Casey Mckeown, Alumni Care Coordinator 

The definition of humility is “a modest or low view of one’s importance.” In my own experience, this means I see the truth of what is going on and realize that I am a human with a “me” problem.

Unfortunately, with Alcoholism centering in my mind, I can’t always decipher between the true and the false.

This difficulty highlights the importance of having sponsors and our higher power to help guide us through our day with the right next action and help us seek the truth of where we may have been selfish, dishonest, afraid, or self-seeking. In this way, we become willing to clean house, which can be hard when we believe something to be true. But when we look honestly at our past experiences, we can see where the fear may have cropped up and how we set the ball rolling.

Just when we think we have life all figured out, our higher powers are funny about throwing another experience at us that shows us how fallible human beings really are.

When I am leading my house by fear, faith is not able to work in my life. But when I lead my house by faith, there is no room for fear. In my own experience, when I start to think that I have all the answers, I begin to step on the toes of my fellows. With this said, humility allows me to not fight anyone or anything. In fact, it allows me to be the human being that my higher power intended me to be.

Being willing to do whatever it takes to be sober and healthy was an overwhelming experience in the beginning.

All I needed was the willingness to take one step at a time, and a considerable part was the humility that I could not continue living my life the way I was. Humility and willingness allow us to change our perspective and turn resentments into life lessons. Every painful moment brought me a spiritual experience that I will always be grateful for. If I stay willing, open, and honest, humility comes right after.

Being humbled is a direction from God to slow down and ask for the right next thought or action.

We all need to be humbled every once in a while so we can redirect our motives and intentions. This is a life lesson from our higher power, showing us that we are only human. I’m thankful that I have access to a power larger than myself because, at the end of the day, I didn’t have a drug or alcohol problem; I had a powerlessness problem. I did not have the power to put the drink or drug down, so I needed access to the power to remove my mental obsession so that I could become spiritually well. With all this said, our Higher Power has never asked us to do this perfectly. The only two expectations I should have are to seek God and try to perform his work well.

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