Reasons to Consider Sober Living After Treatment

Individuals recovering from a substance use disorder usually have a common goal: to achieve long-term sobriety. Sticking to a sober lifestyle is a lifelong process that requires both individual commitment and adequate support. The first step for some individuals who wish to live a sober lifestyle is typically enrolling in a rehabilitation program. After that, many questions may arise:

Is inpatient treatment all there is?

What happens at discharge?

How does someone stay sober?

What does life look like sober?

Sober living programs offer a safe space for those who need to continue their recovery after receiving alcohol or drug treatment. These communities provide an array of services and amenities to help patients maintain sobriety. Sober living homes can be an excellent option to help people transition between treatment and community life.

Why choose a sober living facility after rehab?

  • Sober living facilities promote accountability by establishing a set of rules and a structured system that facilitates recovery. 
  • Adequate peer support is essential for maintaining a sober lifestyle. A sober living home is a community of like-minded people who understand the difficulties of staying sober and sharing a common goal in their recovery.
  • Whether going back to work or buying groceries, the tasks of daily living can present many challenges. Sober living facilities help people recover and reintegrate into society by providing a safe environment to practice sobriety.
  • Studies indicate that sober living arrangements help reduce relapse rates among individuals. These arrangements provide continuity of care and support for participants. Those who stay sober and involve themselves in the recovery process are more likely to remain sober for the long term.

A good sober living facility will also require residents to attend an intensive outpatient program (IOP). And upon completion of the IOP, the facility will help residents meet their school or work requirements. 

Windhaven House provides sober transitional living and comprehensive recovery support for women who have completed primary treatment. Windhaven House offers extended care and sober living at the highest level. We have dual diagnosis addiction treatment programs that are immersive and dynamic. We meet residents where they are and help them develop skills for coping, establishing good relationships, and setting healthy boundaries.

We strive to help our residents stay sober and successfully reintegrate into society through enhanced life skills. Windhaven House is committed to cultivating a compassionate transitional sober living environment based upon principles of honesty, responsibility, and accountability.  

Our team helps young women become the best version of themselves by building a foundation of sobriety, developing a sense of community, and imparting essential life skills to facilitate growth and development in recovery.

Please contact Windhaven House for more information about how our sober living program can help you achieve and maintain lasting sobriety. 


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