Staying Sober in Good and Bad Times

It is not easy to achieve sobriety, and it is even easier to rest on your laurels and allow yourself to be swept away in resentment, anxiety, or trying situations. A sober lifestyle does not free you from challenges. Peace and serenity are something that you must consciously work at every day. Despite obstacles, you can use these tips to achieve lifelong recovery.

Be of Service

Being of service is a great way to keep “out of self” and to help others. Intensive work with other people in recovery can truly be the greatest protector from relapse. Through helping others, we gain perspective, gratitude, and connect with our Higher Power. Looking for other ways to give your time? Seek something you are passionate about, like helping those less fortunate, rescuing animals, or serving your faith community, and focus all of your attention and energy on it. Being of service can assist you in maintaining a successful, lifelong recovery. 

Reframe Negativity

Another way to maintain your sobriety is to reframe the negative thoughts you may have. Cognitive distortions in people with addiction are common. These are ways in which your mind tricks you into thinking negatively or catastrophizing. Identifying irrational thinking is the first step. You will be able to reframe your negative thinking once you realize that it is false and attempting to throw you off. Try to view things differently. What can you find positive in a difficult situation? You may want to consider a challenge as an opportunity to improve in areas in which you are weak. You can reframe your thinking and emerge stronger!

Rely on Your Support System

If you need assistance during difficult times, reach out to your support system. Discuss the issue, unveil where you may be adding to your own misery, and devise a plan of action.

Refocus Your Attention

Boredom is one of the things that may try to derail you during the recovery process. Learn how to direct your attention away from chaos and toward a healthy activity that will keep you active. You will significantly benefit from having a hobby you enjoy and can lose yourself in for many hours. 

Have Some Sober Fun

Can you have fun sober? Fun experiences are possible while still maintaining your sobriety. 

Identify the things that give you joy. You can accomplish this by exploring past hobbies or interests that you previously enjoyed without the influence of substances. Permit yourself to re-experience those activities and discover why they were special.

Find Your People

Exploring life with other people who share your interests and goals is a great way to experience new and exciting things. Surround yourself with sober, happy people. You may gain wisdom, as you will be mixing with people from all stages of their recovery and helping those who are just starting on this path. There is a wide variety of fun, healthy, and sober activities available. Seek your people out, and they will help you find them.

Get to Know Yourself

Spending time alone is an integral part of recovery. Find ways to express yourself and explore your emotions, such as painting, writing, or any other creative hobby. Try new things and allow yourself to get to know your new sober self.

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