Team Spotlight: Erica Boyce, Program Director

Erica Boyce is a nationally and state Certified Recovery Specialist and Interventionist. She has been trained through Spectrum Recovery as a Peer Recovery Support Specialist and has gone through training with the International Recovery Institute as a Certified Recovery Specialist. She has been trained in A Relational Intervention Sequence for Engagement (the ARISE® Intervention) with Dr. Judith Landau and the Love First Intervention model. She has completed training through the Addictions Academy as a Level I & II Recovery Specialist.

Erica is an active member of the Dallas TAAP organization and a proud member of NAADAC. She believes in helping those who suffer with drug addiction and alcoholism gain a new life and become productive. Erica’s experience and knowledge helps families understand they cannot fight this disease alone. By working together, they can help their loved one live a life of freedom.

What brought you to the field of addiction treatment? What brought you to Windhaven?

Four years ago, I moved from Paris, Texas, where I’d gotten sober on May 25, 2012, to Dallas for my husband’s career. My world was rocked, as I had to rebuild a fellowship, recreate my life, and start a new path. The first nine months, I contemplated why God brought me here. I knew it was to serve a purpose, however, I was not sure what. So, the two of us began to pray and ask God to tell us what He would have us do. Suddenly, an opportunity arose where we were introduced to our first intervention. With no formal training, only guidance from friends who were currently in the industry, we did our first intervention and loved it. We met with a colleague one day, and we were discussing whether we wanted to proceed with the recovery industry. We talked about the ugliness we saw, and God spoke through that man and posed a question to us, “Why don’t you both be the difference?” In that moment, we both knew our calling was to be the difference in this industry. This is the same principle I carry with me today whenever I am sitting across from a client, a colleague, a family, or anyone from the facility.

I was introduced to Windhaven originally when I first moved back to Dallas. I had the opportunity to sponsor quite a few of the women who lived here prior to working with Alison. I loved working with these women because they are tough cases. I love a good challenge! Alison and I have quite a bit of the same beliefs when it comes to making a difference in women’s lives. In January 2019, I began recovery coaching for the girls in the house. It’s a beautiful thing to watch these women grow. I love being with the women and helping them find their way in sobriety.

If there was only one thing you could tell us about working with women in recovery, what would it be?

It is truly exhilarating to watch these women “get it” and change their entire life. In this field you see a lot of failed attempts at staying sober and living a full life. A lot of people do not make it. However, when you see a woman who comes in beaten and broken from addiction and fights for her recovery with the odds against her, it’s an experience that can’t be described. I get the privilege of watching these women become sober, successful, parts of their family again, and forever changed. It truly is the power of a loving God. The way that God can use me to do this work is truly a miracle, and I am grateful to be a part of it.

What have you learned through your experience working with families facing addiction?

Not every family is the same. There is no “cookie cutter” way of dealing with things when it comes to a loved one suffering from addiction. Each situation is a process and should be handled gently, yet appropriately. Sometimes families show me more about myself and how I can approve.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Do you spend time with family? Do you have any pets or engage in special hobbies? 

I enjoy spending time with my husband, Henri, and my children. Usually, on the weekends, we are on the football or soccer field with my youngest son, Korbin. During the summer, I am constantly on the go and planning fun things to do with Henri, Korbin, and my stepchildren, Cobey, Mariah, and Noah. We enjoy the beach and lake and doing anything outdoors.

What does the future look like for Boyce Family Recovery Solutions?

I will no longer be participating in interventions; Henri will continue to do so and provide all the same services offered before. I will still be providing transportation services for females when needed and coaching adolescent female clients. Henri and I will continue to work with families together. This is not the end for Boyce Family Recovery Solutions at all. It will still be up and going. Henri is working hard to continue to build our company. Be sure to watch for new and exciting things that are coming.

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