Tips for Healthy, Sober Living

After leaving a residential program, you may find yourself wondering how to stay sober. One way to avoid relapsing after a program ends is to remain focused on the ongoing recovery work needed to maintain sobriety. The strategies you learned in treatment can be supplemented by fresh ideas to help keep you from using again. Like any new ideas, you can adapt them in ways that better fit your lifestyle and personality.

After a safe medical detox and treatment for a substance use disorder, making healthy choices in recovery still takes a great deal of effort every day. Finding support in family, friends, and other people in recovery is also helpful. Creating daily structure and making new lifestyle choices can help you avoid old habits tied to drug and alcohol abuse. Some people in recovery may look for service opportunities, too. Knowing your warnings signs for relapse can remind you to reach out for help. Celebrating your wins—without alcohol—can begin a new tradition of treating yourself to reinforce your healthy choices.

With all that in mind, here are some tips to stay sober and keep your healthy lifestyle going. 

Choose a safe way to detox

Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can be unsafe when done alone. The safest way to experience withdrawal is under medical supervision. It removes the serious health risks and minimizes the discomfort that comes when a substance leaves your body.

Commit to recovery

Recovery is a long-term commitment, beginning with detox and treatment. Committing to sobriety doesn’t mean it gets easier. It just means you will continue to do the work when it gets more challenging at times.

Find support

Support for sober living can come from many different sources. Family, friends, and coworkers are natural places to look for encouragement. Support groups can be especially valuable. People also in recovery better understand the challenges and can be a helping hand or listening ear in your journey to stay sober.

Make new lifestyle choices

Protecting your sobriety can come in the form of activities and daily structure. Creating a routine and giving yourself time to explore old and new interests will keep you focused on staying healthy. It’s helpful to make one of those choices a physical activity to help with both fitness goals and dealing with stress.

Look for service opportunities

Setting aside time to help others can be a way to help yourself, too. Look for organizations whose missions match your beliefs. Create new and healthy relationships with the people you’re working alongside and begin to see the value in your ability to serve others.

Begin meditating daily

Distractions in life can take the focus on recovery goals, but meditation is a helpful way to quiet those distractions. Setting aside a time and a place to meditate daily can help you center yourself each day and reduce anxiety. A new sense of focus and calmness can change your perspective on the daily challenges of life. 

Know your warning signs

Awareness of the clues telling you that you want to drink or use drugs again is important. It may be reconnecting with an old friend who always drinks or telling yourself you need a drink to get through a tough time. When these warning signs start to appear, this is the time to reach out for support. Turn to your support system of family, friends, and others in recovery. Ask for help. It may take more than one conversation to work through the desire to drink again. Remain committed to recovery goals.

Celebrate your wins

Maintaining healthy, sober living takes a lot of effort and deserves praise. You may not always get the praise of others. Celebrating your own wins is one way to acknowledge your own success. Those wins might be saying no to an offer of a drink, a new job interview, or starting yoga for the first time. Celebrating can be treating yourself in some small way that feels rewarding and healthy.

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