Transition Program Elements

A Design for Living

Windhaven House Provides a Sober, Structured, and Recovery-Oriented Community Driven by Our Transition Program Elements.

To Give Each Resident the Best Opportunity for Long Term Recovery, We Offer:

  • Education regarding the disease concept of addiction
  • Accountability working the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous with a sponsor
  • 12-Step meetings
  • Big Book studies
  • Morning meditation
  • Physical and spiritual growth
  • Peer/House Meetings
  • Individual counseling through Origins Counseling Dallas
  • Random drug and alcohol tests
  • Leisure activities
  • Skills training for daily and healthy living
  • Management on premises
  • Staff on call 24-hours a day
  • The option to attend college while at the house

Why an Emphasis on Women?


Transition into recovery, or from a primary care treatment center, can be an arduous period for anyone. Women have challenges specific to their gender that need to be supported as they learn how to live the new life that has been given to them. Windhaven House program elements are designed to address these challenges with loving support and direction. A chief reason for relapse is lack of attention to the program of recovery in daily life, which is typically a harbor for internal pain. In order to be successful, recovering people must continue to grow as each day presents itself and walk through the challenges with inter-dependent support. With an outward focus, Windhaven House program elements teach these skills, and daily repetition strengthens and confirms the experience. Before the recovering person notices, the concepts have become engrained and a working part of their life. From this approach, all things are possible.

Women who immerse themselves into the Windhaven way of life, develop deep relationships with other women in recovery. This balance of support is something many have never had due to belief systems that dictated relationships with significant others which were unhealthy, with an avoidance of healthy intimacy with other women. This can be a lonely and scary place for women in the throes of addiction, and through a healthy relationship with herself and the women around her, our residents learn how to have boundaries, and these boundaries will influence the choices they make in every area of their lives – true empowerment. Windhaven House program elements are designed with this goal at the forefront, and these elements evolve as we do.

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