What to Expect at Windhaven House Sober Living

Sober living homes offer a valuable transition space between residential treatment and a return to living independently. While being around other people in recovery is valuable, sober living support through a consistent intensive outpatient program can be even more effective. Today, let’s talk about what this kind of experience looks like for women in recovery at Windhaven House. 

Here’s what to expect at Windhaven House sober living. A woman is required to be working, volunteering, or attending school during her time as a resident. During her stay, she will live among other women in recovery in a caring, supportive environment. Participating in an intensive outpatient program at Origins Counseling Dallas will help her work on sobriety and life goals. She will receive trauma therapy if necessary, learn how to build healthy relationships, practice mindfulness and meditation, and more. The length of a stay in a sober living home can vary. Many women in sober living homes spend 90 days there as they prepare to return to living independently.

What to Expect at a Sober Living Home  

A sober living home for women is a safe space to continue working on your recovery in a caring, supportive community. A focus on sobriety is just the beginning. The sober living home environment is a place where women can learn coping strategies, how to set healthy boundaries, and how to form and sustain healthy relationships. 

Sober living provides a return to independence with the accountability created by rules of the house. This means women can resume work and other responsibilities as necessary. They learn to meet the expectations of the house at the same time. This involves avoiding substance use there, honoring curfews, and committing to house meetings. 

The duration of a sober living stay can vary from woman to woman. The goal is to be able to live on your own again with the necessary skills to sustain your sobriety. For many women, the stay in sober living can be 90 days or more.

Attending Origins Counseling’s IOP while at Windhaven House

Women who stay at Windhaven House participate in an intensive outpatient program at Origins Counseling. This IOP provides individual therapy for women as well as therapy sessions in small groups. This program is designed specifically for women with challenges to sobriety that they commonly experience. These include codependency, lack of connection, motherhood, and trauma. 

Trauma is a frequent factor in substance use disorders among women. The Origins Counseling IOP provides trauma therapy to heal from the emotional distress of the past. One of the techniques used in the IOP is eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). EMDR can help a patient learn how to take control over how she responds to traumatic memories. 

The Origins Counseling IOP supports women in recovery with work on numerous goals connected to sobriety and overall well-being. Women learn coping mechanisms and stress management techniques. They also practice mindfulness and meditation. Understanding how to prevent a relapse also comes from learning how addiction affects the brain. 

Some form of work or school is a requirement for every woman entering Windhaven House sober living. So, career building becomes an essential part of the IOP at Origins Counseling for women. This element is valuable in helping them create new goals for their working lives and explore new career opportunities. These goals may require a return to higher education, obtaining a GED, or completing a skills training program. Some form of work or school is a requirement for every woman entering sober living here as well. 

Advantage of Graduate Services at Windhaven House

Unlike most sober living homes, Windhaven House offers graduate services for women who are in transition to the next steps of their lives. These include less restrictive “step-down” options, including options for women who are in the midst of a job search or returning to school. The greater flexibility allows them to actively interview, start a new job, or begin classes in person or online while still living at Windhaven House. Education assistance is available for any

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