Windhaven Testimonial -Brehn H.

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For ten years, I had jumped from job to job, relationship to relationship, and city to city, in hopes of escaping addiction.

Instead, I managed to rack up three felony DWI charges, an unreliable resume, and wreckage in every relationship I had in the town that I lived in.

I was out of ideas. I was out of options, people, and hope. I was also facing 2-10 years in prison. However, when I went to treatment, my counselor suggested that I continue my recovery at Windhaven House in Dallas, TX.

I came in broken.

I came in internally miserable, but Windhaven graciously loved me when I couldn’t even love myself. I was not only introduced to the 12 steps, but to true friendships, accountability, coping skills, life skills, and so much more. I fumbled, A LOT, but Windhaven never gave up on me. They met me where I was at and always guided me back to the solution.

The experiences I had in the house and everything that I learned are priceless.

I would truly not be who I am today if it weren’t for this program. I 100% believe that with every fiber in my being. I have carried the lessons I learned at Windhaven with me into my everyday life.

Today, I am a good daughter, sister, employee, active AA member, friend, girlfriend, dog mom, and sponsor. The woman I’ve always aspired to be. Life may still get tough, but because of the lessons I learned at Windhaven, God, and the women along the way, I have gained the strength and the fellowship to get through the bad, as well as rejoice in the good.

I am a proud recovered alcoholic and Windhaven alumni. Because of this, I have the opportunity to help other women like me. I am forever grateful!

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