Family Program

Helping the Entire Family Heal and Grow

Family Is a Key Component of the Work Windhaven Does with Women in Early Recovery.

family-programThe family will receive an update from their counselor each week. We believe it is important to keep the family informed throughout the entire program. It is vital for family members to understand and align with the Windhaven House design and it’s transition program elements. It is only through development of a close working relationship with staff that we believe this is possible.

Family contact is not allowed for the first 2 weeks. This structure is vital to the help each resident become firmly planted in their new setting, while not allowing outside distractions to divert them.

In our program, family members are encouraged to reflect and explore within their own lives as well, to learn and grow from this experience. We provide phone calls for family members, where we help them work through the pain caused by their loved one’s addiction and their desire to see that person live a healthy life. Through our support, we see many families come to gain more insight, awareness, and consciousness in their own lives, undergoing their own personal transformation, through the process. We see this as an opportunity for everyone involved in the family dynamic to heal and grow.

Windhaven has also partnered with Boyce Family Recovery (BFR) to provide additional support for families and loved ones in need of more intensive assistance. Boyce Family Recovery Solutions is a family owned company that will help the family and loved one, who are trapped in the grips of alcoholism and drug addiction. Henri and Erica Boyce will assess each family situation and uniquely design an appropriate coaching program for each family member. Most families are not equipped to fully understand the damage substance abuse inflicts. Alcoholism and drug addiction completely change the family dynamic, causing members to play roles they were never intended to play. Henri and Erica Boyce believe this is a family disease and are here to help restructure families that have been torn apart by alcoholism and addiction.

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