Often, we walk through our day-to-day patterns of life unaware of our thoughts, feelings, or actions. Most of the time our routines become second nature and we often neglect taking in the present moment. Have you ever become easily frustrated and unsure how you got there? Beginning your day by setting your intention can help align your day with how you would like it to be.

Mindfulness improves focus, mood, clarity, and stress management.

According to Psychology Today, mindfulness is a state of active, open attention to the present. Mindfulness can be described as observing one’s thoughts feelings without judging them as good or bad. Practicing mindfulness can help you live in the moment and re-establish the present instead of dwelling on the past or anticipating the future. Bringing mindfulness into your daily life can help improve your focus, mood, clarity, and stress management.

Mindful Breathing

Are you feeling stressed? Is your mind in overdrive? Practicing just one minute of mindful breathing can help to anchor yourself in the present moment. Studies show that the pathways in our brain that are connected to emotion, attention, and body awareness are activated when we focus on our breath. Mindful breathing has also been shown to reduce anxiety, help with burnout, provide certain types of pain relief, and decrease negative thinking.

Mindful Observation

A simple but powerful exercise, mindful observation can help you notice and appreciate the world around you. Mindful observation connects us with the beauty of our environment and helps us to slow down and appreciate the things around us. Choose a natural object from within your current environment and focus on watching it for a minute or two. Take in the object as if it were your first time seeing it and allow yourself to take in its purpose within the natural world.

Mindful Listening

The objective of mindful listening is to listen without judgment, criticism, or interruption, and remain aware of internal thoughts and reactions that interfere with the way people communicate with you. Mindful listening involves paying attention to what a person is saying and what the person is communicating beyond words. If you catch yourself getting lost in thought, recognize what you are doing, take a breath, and redirect yourself back to what they are saying. When you listen mindfully you are fully present in the moment and are able to take in someone’s whole message, leaving them feeling both valued and heard.

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